ICON 2007+ Toyota Tundra Rear Hyd Bump Stop Kit

ICON 2007+ Toyota Tundra Rear Hyd Bump Stop Kit


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This hydraulic bump stop system was developed as an OEM replacement, making installation a simple and straightforward bolt-on affair. With no major cutting, welding, or fabrication required you have the option to return the vehicle back to its stock form. The factory rubber bump stops have a limited energy absorption capacity and a rapid release of this energy upon rebound – This translates into a harsh ride and poor handling in rough terrain. ICON hydraulic bump stops absorb and release this energy in a much more controlled manner due to the digressive rebound piston valving, resulting in predictable handling and vehicle dynamics.

Weight 24.00 lbs
Dimensions 15.30 × 12.70 × 7.70 cm






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